LQi provides a highly efficient client assistance to petition and obtain Foreign VISA Permits to enter in Brazil, offering full legal support and, counseling, for individuals, companies and legal entities, as well as obtaining, modifying, and extending of all kinds of VISAS:

Company or legal entity member immigration

  • Work permit Visa (permanent or temporary)

  • Business Visa

  • On Board Work Permit Visa for Ships and Platforms

  • Visa for Crew members

  • Visa for professional artists

  • Visas for Executives, Directors and Managers

  • Visa for foreign investor

  • Visa for professional atlhetes

  • Visa for research scientists

  • Visa for training

  • Visas for technicians and others

Individual Immigration

  • Visa due to wedding

  • Visa due to Family Reunion

  • Visa for steady or partnership union

  • Visa for Students

  • Defering or extending Tourist Visa

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas industry are responsible for the largest amount of positions occupied by aliens in Brazil. In order to respond to such steady demand LQi offers a specialized service for this highly dynamic sector. The full portfolio consists of full legal support and counseling for individuals, companies and legal entities, as well as obtaining, modifying and extending all kinds of VISAS: such as work permit to naval, off shore, technicians, to all other alien workers, as well as receptive service at ports and airports, escort and follow–up at the Federal Police.


The market expansion related to large sports and art events, such as Rock In Rio, SWU, Lolapalooza, that brought a variety of famous musicians, bands and orchestras, not to mention the 2014 World CUP, 2016 Olympic Games etc, has increased pressure on the demand for LQi specialized services in this Field, in order to make possible immigration and VISA permits for individuals and all other requirements for the event.

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